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miércoles, 25 de febrero de 2009

Do you know NAT (Newspaper Analysis Tool)?

Newspapers are facing dire times and are looking for ways to manage their business in the most cost effective way whilst maintaining the quality of their content. At the same time New Media developments have to be taken into account for future scenarios. This means that managers of newspapers have to have a clear picture of their newspaper operations and where effective benefits can be gained in the most efficient way.

Caminum originated from the academic world and is a Dutch company that specializes in newspaper research and development. We have developed a tool that we use to measure in a quantitative and qualitative way the key processes of your newspaper operations and the potential for change at your newspaper company.

The Newspaper Analysis Tool (NAT) is used to give you a snapshot of your current situation and to identify the areas where operations can be optimized, without losing the quality of content. NAT provides you with a very clear in-depth picture of the specific aspects to be improved, whether it is in your key newspaper processes, technology or people.

Newspaper Analysis Tool (NAT) has arrived. We were at IFRA 2008 introducing for the first time our tool. Start with this video and download our factsheet. If you want to know more details about the tool that for the first time is able to measure convergence processes in newspapers... Contact us! Here you have the complete video from Mogulus with our presentation. Thanks for your interest!

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