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domingo, 28 de marzo de 2010

Towards a new model of citizen participation in newspapers: Because the newspaper matters more than ever.

As we introduced in our last post, we don´t believe in the current model of comments in newspapers online. We believe that the current situation doesn´t benefit either citizens nor newspapers nor, in the end, democracy.

In fact, there is a need for change, and maybe a radical one is needed to regain the lost confidence in newspapers again. It is time to build a new way of interaction between newspapers and society... For the first time, here you can have a look at our proposal for this new model.

Based on this model, we have developed a new platform called Newspaper Matters. It will be available very soon in English, Spanish and Dutch at: We invite you to explore it and enjoy it as much as we did in the development stage.

What do we offer with Newspaper

1) A new ecosystem that involves readers, newspapers and referred to third parties. Here, readers can exercise their right to be informed in a well-balanced way by the newspaper. The newspaper and third parties can exercise their right to retort publicly.
2) The possibility to analyse and rate any article regarding basic journalistic principles: Responsibility, Accuracy, Integrity and Independence.

3) A place to enjoy a reflexive, serious, respectful and stimulating new way of evaluating newspaper content... and be really effective!

4) The option to contribute with evidence that questions the media‘s performance and  thus actively support and strength the role of newspapers in democracy.

5) An environment where you can share your observations with your community and build new relationships between readers and newspapers.

6) A space for creating civic platforms around the news and let you voice be heard.

7) As a newspaper strengthen your brand and promote your content and services for free. Forget your old model of comments online! All newspapers and magazines around the world are welcome!

Newspaper Matters is a public service for freedom of speech, based on respect, good manners and good faith. User identification, tolerance, ethics and legality of the actions of all parties involved (readers, newspapers and referred to third parties) are the essential foundations of the community of Newspaper Matters.

As a public service we just want to help newspapers and readers to reinvent the way of interacting actively and effectively between both parts. We know that newspapers are in dire times, but we believe in them and their vital role in democracy.

Welcome to the missing link between you and the newspaper.