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sábado, 13 de diciembre de 2008

Steve Outing: 11 puntos a considerar por directivos de periódicos en tiempos de crisis

Entre otros muchos interesantes consejos, me permito reproducir literalmente el que implica la necesidad de la integración de las funciones de edición entre departamentos web y papel. Brillante artículo de Outing.

"2. Consolidate print and online editing functions

Beyond the common-sense reason of centralizing on the future and not the past, it makes sense logistically to have a single desk (or desks) each serving all the channels to which the modern "newspaper" company publishes. The modern copy desk is editing and massaging content to go out to multiple channels: breaking headline alerts to e-mail and mobile phones; brief summaries of "what we know now" for immediate publication on the Web site; longer stories for the Web and syndication as events get fleshed out; and a round-up story and/or analysis for the print edition. Also, audio reports, photos and videos for various output channels...

The newspaper that still has a separate online department is behind the curve, and hamstrung when it comes to adapting to an environment where print is just one component of the business operation -- and one that's headed toward no longer being the most important. There's no longer a viable argument in favor of having online departments separate from print."

Fuente: Editor & Publisher

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