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viernes, 12 de diciembre de 2008

At last, the missing link: World PROFESSIONAL Blogger Journalist Association

WPBA role
1. Blogger journalists support international consumer's rights to know.
2. Blogger journalists provide consumers with accurate information for the peace and prosperity of mankind, revitalization of a stagnant market and fair practice in the market.
3. Blogger journalists monitor behaviors that destroy the environment and disturb the order of the nature, and share information regarding the results of such monitoring.
4. Blogger journalists share knowledge of the issues of each city/country and cultural contents to contribute to the development of human society in the age of globalization.

Members qualification

1) Individuals who professionally produce and update more than 1 item of contents (news articles included) related to products/services of a business organization or industry a week - Articles, reviews, critiques columns, etc on products/services of a business organization or industry

2) Individuals/team/business organization that independently own a domain or media, or conduct the activities specified in Item 1 on a blog, portal site or a similar platform.

3) Journalists who regularly collect and report news materials related to products/services of a business group or industry for a news media organization.

4) Even if the activities similar to the ones specified in Item 1 are performed, individuals (business organizations) who distribute news resources of a PR agent or company through a program are not eligible

5) Photographers dealing with advertisements and promotional photography without the functions of reporting and critiquing, and video film technicians working for a production project are not eligible.

Source: WPBA

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